Owner and Personal Trainer, Laniel Crawford
Owner, Terri Crawford

We do personal training targeting students with interest in making their middle and high school sports teams, making their college team or wanting to get into shape. We work with students doing sports specific training. We have had 12 students sign for college scholarships over the past three years and 96% of all students have been successful in making their middle or high school teams (including dance and cheerleading teams). The remaining 4% are students who have decided they do not have interest in playing a sport and just want to lose weight and get into shape. We also assist injured students rehab once they have been released from their doctor. Along with personal training, we are unique in that we do not only work on speed, agility, balance, coordination and strength, we also work on self esteem, respect for self and others, motivation to be a successful adult, and much more. We have worked hard to make Momentum feel like family and not just another gym providing personal training.

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Laniel Crawford

Terri Crawford